who is us?

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Hi, I'm Eric Njanga. I founded Rafiki Digital in 2019 to provide a better customer service to small business owners who cannot afford professional grade web design, development and maintenance

building websites

We're amazing at building websites. We usually work with WIX, but we are also confortable with other alternatives. 

with brand storytelling in mind

We are not yet providing brand storytelling services, but we love the concept of honestly delivering a consistent message to your audience and community. So we build our websites to be an extension of a storytelling experience.

RAFIKI DIGITAL is based out of Toronto in Canada. We are not a digital agency in the traditional sense: we don't have an office space, our founder is at the moment the only full time employee, but we have big plans and believe in ourselves.

more soon

We are still wrapping up our first projects and we plan to provide more details in the future on: testimonials, pricing and blog.

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